Okay idk if anyone knows who Ericka Camacho is, but this kid on my fb page knows her, and just probably gotten her arrested.

According to her, she recorded herself during sexual acts at the age of 13, and posted it online. I don’t know her personally, nor do I know her. But it’s really fucked up…

I know Ericka, and I have spoken to her before. I offered her a lot of advice, but she’s very stubborn to listen. Great amounts of people have also tried to help her, but she tells us, “Why does my life matter to you? I can do whatever I want with my body, what I do doesn’t affect your life.” She’s a 13 year old girl, sending her nudes to anyone who asks, openly leaks them, and is accused of having had sexual acts with a 23 year old. I understand it doesn’t affect my life, but for Christ’s sake, she’s 13. She isn’t very nice either. But now she is being investigated by the FBI and CPS, from what I’ve heard. Yeah it’s wrong for people to insult her, but she is fully aware of her actions and the consequences, but is careless enough to do it anyways. Her father will be facing SERIOUS charges, and Ericka herself will be facing juvenile charges. So don’t get involved into this situation, the FBI is investigating everyone who was involved.